Cannabis reputation has changed a lot

Cannabis used to be a huge no no when I was growing up.

  • I remember attending school assemblies that talked about gateway drugs.

Cannabis had its own section in the presentation. I remember thinking that if I smoked weed I would get addicted to meth, lose my teeth and then eventually die. Anytime I heard about someone smoking cannabis, I was scandalized. I didn’t even partake of it in college. Once I graduated more and more states were becoming medical weed allowed. Then places started offering rectal cannabis. I did some reading and realized that pot isn’t a gateway drug. It isn’t addictive or even bad for. Cannabis can do some really amazing things. All sorts of medical issues can get treated by it. Cancer patients use weed in order to combat chemotherapy nausea. Cannabis can help with MS symptoms, seizures and chronic pain. There are even strains for anxiety, depression and PTSD. Sleeping issues are much better with a bit of CBD in the system. Now everyone uses cannabis for one reason or another. There is just too much that it can do. I have loosely been thinking about hopping on the cannabis train. I have stomach issues that I know a little weed would go a long way in fixing it. It is still weird to me that at one time cannabis was the ultimate evil. Now that it can make our state some money, it is suddenly the miracle drug and everyone wants it. The reputation on this product has changed so drastically in not a very long time when you think about it.

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