The prices on pot products are dropping

Inflation seems to be a near constant in almost every single industry right now.

If you asked me to give you a contrary example to inflation, I would come up empty.

I certainly cannot guess of anything at the moment that has dropped in price amid all of the other large price increases over the last 2 years, and cost of living is going up for every single demographic within the bigger economy, then even our neighbor the attorney is having to make serious fluctuations in his spending habits to combat the inflation problems. He’s distraught that he could get behind in mortgage repayments on his numerous condominiums if he loses tenants or doesn’t adjust his spending habits in other areas of his life. As long as fuel & supplies go up in price, virtually any other fantastic or service is bound to increase as well. The only exception to this rule that I’ve noticed thus far is cannabis in our state in certain. In some states cannabis prices are skyrocketing because of changing state & county taxes on the recreational cannabis prices. My state still only has medical cannabis dispensaries so every one of us lack those state & county cannabis taxes. Thus, our cannabis prices are dropping this year. The price drops on medical cannabis purchases started last year & has only increased with the new year. I can’t imagine seeing prices increase on cannabis products until this state legalizes recreational weed & suddenly has a supply shortage on its hands. Since there are a limited number of cannabis patients & a glut on cannabis products, the supply is bigger than the demand at the moment.


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