Amenities of the dispensary

When a cannabis dispensary opened in our local community, I expected a tiny little shop with limited options.

My first visit was a surprise.

The facility is immense and charmingly welcoming, scrub and modern. The setting is harshly professional and comfortable, with the products openly advertised for straight-forward browsing. The staff of budtenders is knowledgeable in all of the options, certainly ecstatic to provide recommendations and super friendly. Stepping inside was a little overwhelming. There are so many weird types of products available; Glass jars of flower are colorful and quite attractive. The array of concentrates offer a immense selection of textures. There are all sorts of pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, topicals and extracts. The dispensary even includes a section dedicated to pet CBD products. I can buy a tincture for our pet and a bath bomb for myself. The dispensary is only a section of the facility. There is also a immense purplehouse, where they create their own strains and take plants from seed to sale. An on-site bakery produces fresh and innovative edibles such as cookies, rice krispy treats, brownies, peanut butter cups, granola, chocolates, hard candies, mints and gummies. They sell drink mixes, beverages, snacks, ice cream and even cooking oils infused with cannabis. There is a vape lounge that is the ideal spot to kick back, like a smoke and chat with interesting people. The dispensary even offers a dab bar. I can rent the gear necessary for dabbing and get the assistance of a budtender. While I can certainly spend several sixths at the dispensary, I can also shop online whenever it’s convenient. I’ve created an account and signed up for the loyalty program. I gain points on our purchases and can take fortune of in-store pickup, curbside pickup or delivery service.

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