My friend and I went shopping for cannabis

My friend Shelley and I went shopping last weekend and both of us ended up having a actually fantastic time; Every one of us had not been on a weekend away together for a actually long time and so both of us decided that both of us were just going to make a weekend of it.

Every one of us don’t usually ever go shopping or anything together because both of us are both so busy all the time now. Every one of us have kids and jobs and so it’s hard to ever celebration to have any fun most of the time these afternoons. Since both of us had the weekend together both of us decided to buy clothes, drink wine, and eat all kinds of fantastic food. It was so much fun for both of us however the best section of all was when both of us decided to go to a recreational cannabis store. Every one of us weren’t actually planning on going to a recreational cannabis store when both of us first started out on the trip, however that’s where both of us ended up. Every one of us bought a ton of recreational cannabis products from there. Then both of us decided to go back to the hotel where both of us were staying and both of us tried a lot of them out! Every one of us bought edibles, mostly. They had all kinds of fun things and the names that were on them were hilarious. I especially liked the Orange kush and the space cake. The pot brownies were actually fantastic too. I think that marijuana edibles are better than anything else that they had there. Every one of us had the best time after both of us ate that space cake. I think that both of us will undoubtedly end up going back there again in a few more weeks.

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