We had a lot of fun watching the Super Bowl

Football season came to an end just this past weekend and my good buddies and I watched the super bowl.

Honestly, none of our number one teams played in the game, but it was still amazing to watch both of the finest teams go head to head.

Both of the quarterbacks are still new to the game so it is definitely nice to see these youngsters go head to head for the championship! My good buddies and I decided to watch the pigskin game at my apartment. I bought a couple of dips and popcorn and a couple of cases of soda. I also bought vodka, rum, and a case of bud light. My friends and I drank a good amount while in the game, however at halftime, Eddy said my buddy and I should smoke some marijuana. He honestly had a tote of marijuana from the dispensary in his overcoat and a couple of rolling papers. It took Eddy approximately three times to roll a marijuana cigarette, although he finally got a good one that looked half decent. My good buddies and I all smoked from the joint. I only took a couple of puffs however I was laughing and giggling like crazy. I was trashed by the end of the game to be honest. I was high from the marijuana cigarette and I also drank a fairly good amount. I had at least a half a bottle of vodka and many beers, however when my friends all left, I laid down on the couch to close my eyes for a moment. I didn’t even wake up until Monday at noon. I’m glad I had the day off. I knew there was no way I was going to be waking up super early in the day after the Super bowl.


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