My marijuana candies need a thermometer

I love also being able to use medical and recreational marijuana products.

  • I have the worst anxiety and it causes me to stress out and go crazy; The smell and taste of marijuana makes me supposed to be uplifted before I even get high.

I didn’t know how difficult it would be to make difficult candies at home. It looked pretty easy when I watched the online tutorial. I wanted to make difficult candies so I could infuse them with marijuana. I purchased all of the ingredients that were necessary for the recipe including sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings. I didn’t suppose I would need a thermometer for the project. The person online told me to wait until the candy was at a stage called difficult crack… He said to put the liquid into a glass of water and if it got difficult then the candy was at the right temperature. I tried this 4 different times and every time the candy was soft and lifeless. I posted our complications on facebook and one of our friends requested using a candy thermometer. It was only more than nine bucks for the candy thermometer at the grocery store. I waited until the candy was at the precisely typical temperature next time. I got exactly what I wanted. The candy pieces turned out difficult and brittle, and after all of the various attempts, I finally realized that it was going to be easier to buy edibles from the dispensary going forward. There’s just no reason to spend that much time and energy making cannabis candies when they do not actually cost that much in the store.


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