I’m always trying to learn more about growing cannabis

When random people say they can grow cannabis, I stop and ask questions; it’s easily cool to have an orange thumb.

I don’t easily have an orange thumb. I tend to kill everything that comes into our home, but my Dad once got me a houseplant and I actually killed the thriving plant in less than 1 week. I tried to grow cannabis in college and that did not work out well at all. I finally got caught with the plant when it was twelve inches tall and our RA took the plant and incinerated it! She simply did not tell anyone about the marijuana plant. I’m just sure and I would have eventually killed it anyway. I met a girl at the gym named Jack and she told me that she can actually grow cannabis at her farm in the valley. She explained that she already had a toiling farm with a few plants. I was easily intrigued by everything that the girl had to say. I asked him if I could have a look at the farm. She invited me over for a couple of nights and my buddy and I hung out on the farm. She had another extra room at the farmhouse. In the morning, I woke up and she took me out to show me every 1 of the crops including the cannabis crops, and the plants were in a variety of weird sizes. She had some small plants that were inside of an orange condo and she had plants that were about twelve inches tall. This girl had an easily orange thumb and she was using it to create some easily neat and interesting hybrid strains.

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