I was disappointed when the ATM wouldn’t take my card

My good pals plus I went to the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary near me.

I basically ran out of cannabis flower plus I only had a little bit of concentrate left.

I plan to spend about $300. I was going to have my neighbor stop at the bank, although I figured it was an extra stop plus I could simply use the ATM at the marijuana dispensary. While my friends plus I were waiting to go into the dispensary, I chose to use the ATM in the lobby to get the money from my account. There’s a large sign on the front of the door that says the marijuana shop only takes cash money however they have ATMs inside. There’s one in the lobby plus there is one inside of the dispensary. I couldn’t get the ATM in the lobby to actually take my card. I put it in plus it wouldn’t lock it down. Without locking the debit card down, it won’t be able to read the information. When my friends plus I finally got our turn to go into the dispensary, I informed the guy at the counter that I was going to need to use the atm. There was a pretty big sign on it that said it was out of service. I was exasperated at that point. I said something to the guy behind the counter about the ATM being broken, but he told me that I could use the one in the lobby plus I told him that it would not take my card at all. He told me there was an ATM up the street at the local gas station, however there was no way that I was going to walk up to the gas station plus then back down to the dispensary once again.

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