I needed the best social media management team.

I think that social media management is important if you want your cannabis dispensary to grow and expand. What I didn’t think was that social media management needed a team to do the task. I thought I should be able to handle social media by myself, but that wasn’t true. I tried to run social media ads on all the social media websites I used, but all I did was empty our bank account. I wasn’t glad knowing I didn’t get a single hit on our company website with the ads I venue on Facebook, Pinterest, or even that garbage dump called Twitter. I even put ads on some social media sites I didn’t use, but it was to no avail. I finally called a social media management company and asked what was I doing wrong? I needed to get our cannabis dispensary website seen, but nothing I did was working. I hung flyers out a month before I opened, but all I got was applications for tasks. When I talked to the team at the social media management company and told them about our doing our social media advertising, the person told myself and others it didn’t work. I asked how they knew and they said I wouldn’t be calling the social media management company if it had. I had to admit they were right; No matter what I did, there was no hits on our website. The only thing that I could say was that I desperately needed their help, or I would close the doors before they really opened. The person I spoke to told myself and others they could help myself and others out and I would see immediate fluctuations within the next many weeks, or I wouldn’t owe them a penny.



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