I couldn’t get any money from the ATM

My pals & I went to the medical & recreational marijuana dispensary near me.

I actually ran out of cannabis flower & I only had a little bit of concentrate left.

I basically plan to spend about $200. I was going to have my neighbor stop at the bank, even though I figured it was an extra stop & I could simply use the ATM at the marijuana dispensary. While my friends & I were waiting to go into the dispensary, I utilized the ATM in the lobby to withdraw the currency from my account. Of course, there’s a giant sign on the front of the door that says the marijuana shop only takes currency but they have ATMs inside. There’s one in the lobby & there is one inside of the dispensary area as well. I could not get the ATM in the lobby to even take my card. I put it in & it would not lock it down. Without locking the ATM card down, it won’t be able to check the information on the card. When my pals & I finally got our turn to go into the dispensary, I told the guy at the counter that I was going to need to use the atm. There was a sign on it that stated it was out of service. I was genuinely aggravated at that point. I said something to the guy behind the counter about the ATM being broken… He told me that I could always go for the one in the lobby & I told him that it would not take my card. He told me there was an ATM up the street at the gas station, but there was certainly no way that I was going to walk up to the gas station & then back down to the dispensary again.