Got smashed during the Super Bowl

Football season came to an end last weekend plus my friends plus I watched the super bowl.

None of our favorite teams played in the game, however it was still interesting to watch both of the best teams go head to head.

Both of the quarterbacks are still new to the game so it is pretty amazing to see two young guys go head to head for the championship. My friends plus I decided to watch the football game at my apartment. I bought a couple of dips plus chips plus a couple of cases of soda. I also bought vodka, rum, plus a case of beer. My buddies plus I drank a lot while in the game. At halftime, Lisa said my associate and I should smoke some marijuana, but she had a bag of marijuana from the dispensary in her sweater plus a couple of rolling papers too. It took Lisa multiple times to roll a marijuana cigarette, even though she finally got a single that looked somewhat decent. My friends plus I all smoked from the joint. I only took two actual hits even though I was laughing plus giggling like a 15-year-old. I was trashed by the end of the game to be honest. I was high from the marijuana cigarette plus I also drank a great deal. I had at least a half a bottle of vodka plus far more than 2 beers! When my buddies all left, I laid down on the couch to close my eyes for a little while. I did not wake up until Monday at noon, but thankfully I had the day off. I knew there was no way I was going to be waking up early in the day after the Super bowl.

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