Delivery accommodates active lifestyle

I pursue a very active lifestyle.

My job takes me to different locations across the state.

I always get up extra early so that I have time to complete an hour-long workout before arriving on the job site. I enjoy riding my bike, going for a run, jumping rope, swimming and kayaking. At the end of the day, if the weather permits, I try out new areas to hike, jog, walk or simply explore. I often go camping on the weekends. While my efforts keep me very fit and happy, I also deal with a changing variety of aches, pains and injuries. My joints sometimes ache. I sprain, tear and overwork my muscles regularly. I am unwilling to subject my body to synthetic pharmaceuticals. I am only interested in plant-based medicines. I’ve found that cannabis works well to treat pain and inflammation. It can help me sleep, focus, relax and give me an energy boost. There are strains available for every desired effect. I’ve tried all consumption options and explored the common terpenes. Tinctures are great for their discretion and portability. I can slip a tincture into my pocket and take it with me wherever I’m headed. A few drops under the tongue provide quick onset of effects. There is no smoke, odors or need for extra accessories. Plus, when stored properly, tinctures offer an exceptionally long shelf-life. My biggest problem is finding an opportunity to visit the cannabis dispensary. Fortunately, I’m able to shop and place an order online at my convenience. The website makes it very easy to search out my favorites, check out new products and take advantage of deals and discounts. As a member of the loyalty program, I accumulate points that I can use on future purchases. I then opt for delivery. My package typically arrives at my home that same day. This allows me to be very spontaneous in my choices.

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