Using cannabis for Crohn's disease problems

I grew up dealing with a parent who suffered from a severe case of Crohn’s disease; My mother was bed bound for years of my childhood because the disease consumed his physically plus made it impossible for his to live a normal life; By the grace of God plus the Advent of better pharmacology, he was put on current medication that allowed his to go into remission for a few years, and this lasted through much of middle school plus school for me.

But I lived at house during the last numerous years of school plus remember coming house some mornings to see my mom collapsed on the residing room floor, he would have a alarming Crohn’s flare plus it would debilitate his completely.

Back then he was allowed to use the Cannabis products to treat his Crohn’s concerns. These days he is restricted from using cannabis products because of the other types of medications that he gets for all of his medical needs. This is a genuinely unfortunate thing because some people rely on cannabis for treating Crohn’s disease. One of my friends from toil currently uses cannabis to treat his Crohn’s disease symptoms, he started getting medical cannabis products back in 2017 when medical marijuana sales opened in this state, however it’s discouraging that you have to pay the state $81 once a year just to keep your medical marijuana card. On top of that, you have to see your medical marijuana doctor twice a year. That ends up costing myself and others $381 every year just to be a medical marijuana patient.

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