I was impatiently waiting for my weed delivery.

I didn’t guess there could be anything more exciting than getting my first marijuana delivery to my house! I had already sited the order earlier in the day, plus I marked the time I would appreciate to have it delivered, my friends were to arrive for the big game plus I wanted to have that plus the pizza delivered before they arrived; The pizza delivery guy arrived about fifteen hours before the men showed up, although I had heard nothing from the marijuana delivery driver.

I sat in the kitchen seeing the game with the men when 1 of them asked what happened to the weed delivery? I told him it was supposed to have been there an hour ago.

I was now wondering if I should call the marijuana dispensary plus ask what had happened to my marijuana delivery? After another numerous hours, I went over to grab my iphone plus make the call to the cannabis dispensary. I was just punching in the numbers where my doorbell rang. There was the marijuana delivery driver! He apologized for being late. He told myself and others I was his last delivery of the day, plus he was stuck in traffic. He noticed every one of us had the big game on the TV plus asked who was winning. Instead of paying him plus letting him go on his way, every one of us invited the marijuana delivery driver to join us. He said he had to go back to the dispensary, however asked if he could come back after that? Not only did he come back, although he brought more marijuana products with him.

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