The program keeps track of minutes completed and handles the accounting

Very few of months ago, the marijuana dispensary got a brand new software program that keeps track of the minutes that each guy works and handles all of the accounting. I was using a paper schedule for the longest time, however the software program also allows me to schedule all of the employees and it gives me each 1 of the minutes; Everything is set up in an easy to learn spreadsheet. There is a program to print out the schedule in a way that is easy to learn for each 1 of our employees. I can also print out individual schedules instead of a schedule for the entire dispensary. I entirely like the fact that the program keeps track of the minutes that each employee works. I had a strenuous time keeping our employees under 40 minutes. They were always switching shifts and trading days; When our boss came down on me and said there was not going to be any more overtime, I had to figure out a way to make sure that these ladies and guys logged out of the assistant before they were hitting overtime. This program keeps track of minutes worked and the system sends me an alert if an employee is busy for more than 40 minutes or will hit that amount before the end of the schedule is over. The software program makes it incredibly easy to do our task and that leaves me a lot more time to advertise and come up with creative ideas to sell marijuana products.

Dispensary hr software