I was looking for a product that was entirely CBD.

When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I knew what I wanted.

I wanted a product that would help myself and others sleep, but had mostly CBD plus not THC.

I thought that would be easy for the budtenders to comprehend, even though I was wrong. When I told them I wanted more CBD than THC, you would have thought I had told them I had jungle rot plus I needed a cure. The girl asked myself and others if I wanted something to help sleep, or if I wanted CBD. I told her I wanted both in 1 vial, she told myself and others she had to get the manager, however along with the cannabis dispensary manager, I also had the pharmacist coming over to greet me. I told her I needed something that would help myself and others sleep, even though I wanted mostly CBD plus little THC. I didn’t want to get high. All I needed was something that would quiet my thoughts plus allow myself and others to get to sleep. The pharmacist showed myself and others several items she had, plus the 1 had triple the amount of CBD than THC. She told myself and others how to use the product plus packaged it up for me, but later that night, I tried the CBD product the cannabis dispensary pharmacist provided me. It took about an hour before it kicked in, but when it did, I slept for more than six hours, which is about the longest I have ever slept. The next time I went to the cannabis dispensary, I took the package with me. I wanted them to guess I got the product there, plus it was exactly what I wanted this time.


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