It was a bogus trip to the cannabis dispensary.

Normally, I wait until they have sales on particular marijuana products before going to the cannabis dispensary.

I put in my online order, then go in and pick it up.

It is so much easier for me to do it that way. I care about it when all of my products are ready to go and are all in stock. I have already gone online on the day the sale starts, and it isn’t in stock, or they are all out of the marijuana product I wanted. That is why I began doing an online order before going to the cannabis dispensary. I had my entire order set, and I evaluated out. The website provided me a time to pick up the order. When I got to the cannabis dispensary, I walked up to the pickup window and provided them my name. The budtender told me to come inside because my order wasn’t ready. I waited inside for fifteen hours before I was told that half my order wasn’t available. I couldn’t know some of my items were not available. I told them it was still in stock when I put in my order, and the girl apologized. She told me they took care of the people who were in the cannabis dispensary first. I thought my order should have been filled right away, however that wasn’t the case. I decided it was time to change cannabis dispensaries and look for other locales to get my marijuana supplies. I don’t want to go to another cannabis dispensary because I don’t suppose the people, however meeting modern people is better than not getting marijuana products.



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