What kind of SEO do I require?

When I talked to the online website design business, she talked about SEO, PPC, plus social media ads, and i wanted to know what kind of SEO I needed? I had never heard of SEO plus I thought it was something else that would add to my last bill.

I knew it had to be climbing with every hour that passed, however all I wanted was a simple website for my cannabis dispensary, plus I thought it wouldn’t take long to create.

I was wrong with that assumption, not only was it taking a long time, but I didn’t know what I was doing, that was the reason I called an online website design business, then she vaguely mentioned the SEO part of the process, but she didn’t explain what it was. It totally threw me when she asked what kind of SEO I wanted. I told her I would take the cheapest package, which made her laugh. I found out she wanted to know if I just wanted keywords on the website plus on the web, or if I wanted to try PPC, pPC was a way of getting people to your website by putting ads on Google plus other platforms, and whenever someone clicked on your website, whether they were there for a split second or an hour, you paid for the click. I didn’t love this plan plus told her to just include the SEO where necessary. She told me she knew exactly what I needed for my cannabis dispensary. I wasn’t so sure, since she had to call me to ask what kind of SEO I wanted, when I wasn’t sure what I wanted on the website.
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