He to get weed

Last week, I was in quandary about who was plus wasn’t my friend… I thought my group of friends was close knit, but I was soon to find out that not all of them were loyal, and the guy I thought was my best friend for all time told myself and others if I was a tploy friend, I would sell him some of my medical marijuana.

It was illegal for myself and others to sell the marijuana.

If anyone knew I had sold it, I could not only lose my medical marijuana card, but I could be fined plus possibly jailed for being a drug seller. The people I was with and I were both under 21 plus my mom had to purchase my medical marijuana for me. I told him I couldn’t sell it to him, plus he smiled; He asked if that meant I was going to supply him some, plus I shook my head no. I wasn’t going to supply him any of it. If he wanted marijuana, he would need to get a medical marijuana ID card, or purchase it on the streets love all of us had always done in the past. He told myself and others I wasn’t his friend, plus he had been wasting his time on myself and others for far too long. I was miserable plus kicked him out of the house, but I was also hurt. The people I was with and I had been friends since kindergarten, plus he was throwing myself and others away for not giving him my medical marijuana. Maybe he thought I was hoarding the marijuana for just me, which in a way I was. I just didn’t want to get in trouble, or have my mom get in trouble if I started giving it away or selling the medical marijuana to my friends.