My friend is going to change careers

My friend Kimberly has decided that she is going to change careers. I guess she’s really in the mood for a change in her life for some reason. I know that she’s been at the same job for many years now and I guess she’s just experiencing some feelings of needing to move on with her life for some reason. I can understand that, I guess. I know that the job that she has had for so long has been very stressful for her recently and that probably has a lot to do with the way that she’s feeling these days. Anyway, she has decided that she really wants to try to open up a cannabis dispensary and run that instead. I guess she has already found a site for the cannabis dispensary and she thinks that it is a really good location for that sort of thing. Kimberly has been taking a lot of different classes so that she can learn all that she can about different cannabis products. By the time she gets the dispensary up and running for real, she is probably going to know everything that there is to know about marijuana edibles and marijuana oil pens and things like that. She is always interested in learning all kinds of new things and I know she likes CBD oil so she’ll probably become an expert in that too. I think that it’s kind of a big risk for her to start up this new marijuana oil dispensary business, but I think that she will probably do great with it once she gets it going!

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