Medical weed for sleep is pretty lame

When people find out I am a medical marijuana patient they usually react one of two ways.

Either the person is really concerned about me and convinced I have a serious illness.

There are those with bad health complications that need medical cannabis in order to stay healthy. They rely on medical weed for seizures, PTSD or cancer chemotherapy to name a few. I feel like a big poster since my issue isn’t all that bad. Another way people react is that they think I have all this weed to share at a party. Medical cannabis isn’t a party drug. Typically you are getting an indica that isn’t all that potent. You aren’t going to be energized or happy on his drug. It will tire you out or calm the mind. My medical weed is for sleeping. That is it. That is about as crazy as I get. I also don’t even smoke it or have it in edible form. I have the lamest method of consumption. I have a tincture that I put in a cup of tea at night. A few drops of the cannabis oil and I am good to go. I feel slightly tired and relaxed. Then after about an hour I am ready for bed. I have just enough for me either. So I won’t be passing it around and sharing. It also isn’t a life threatening issue. So no need to feel sorry for me either. I am at the lowest end of being a medical patient. But, I do count as a medical marijuana user.

Medical Cannabis Cards