I struggled to see the address number in the rain

When the weather outside is dreadful, I am delighted to be a nearby delivery driver… I get to sit inside my car where it is boiling as well as comfortable.

I can switch on the heat as well as use the windshield wipers. I do not entirely mind driving in the rain at all, but the only time the rain bothers myself and others is when it is painful to see the numbers on the houses. I do tasks for a marijuana delivery service. The marijuana delivery service is open 7 afternoons a week, and we supply orders from 7:00 in the day until midnight, then during the other 7 hours of the day, there is a group of people that are tied up packaging orders for the next day. We stopped taking delivery orders at precisely 9:00 p.m. It was raining really hard the other night when I had to do a task at the marijuana delivery service and I couldn’t even see the numbers. I was driving down a road where it was dark as well as wet as well as the trees were making it hard to see anything. I was trying to shine the lights, but the rain was too hard. I thought I was at the right house, so I got out of the car as well as walked up to the front door. That’s when I realized that the number was not the number on the order. I already slammed on the door as well as the person was legitimately frustrated when they came to the door as well as saw a delivery driver. I apologized to the owner of the cabin as well as asked if he could point myself and others in the right direction.

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