I may stop growing my own cannabis

I started growing weed at age 15, out of necessity.

I lived on my uncle’s farm at the time, my parents having passed away in a car accident the year before, and I knew my future was grim. I was not very good in school, and with a depressed economy it was hard for someone so young to find a good job. I turned to marijuana, growing several dozen plants in my first attempt, and then twice as many on my second. I grew, harvested, packaged, and sold medical cannabis to the people of the nearby town. I was a one man medical cannabis dispensary, at a time when there were no legal ones. Times have changed a lot since then, because now legal cannabis dispensaries are all over the place! I still grow medical cannabis, but now it is just for personal use, and to give to my family and friends. I must say that having sampled some of the new strains of medical marijuana, I may stop growing my own crops altogether! Besides the amazing array of exotic strains of medical cannabis, these stores offer edibles, drinks, and vape products. I had never used any vape products before last month, but I must admit they got me very stoned. I spent so many years growing medical cannabis while it was illegal, and now that it has been legalized I am losing interest in it. Why go through all the hard labor of growing my own weed, when I can get much better stuff at the medical cannabis dispensary?

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