I finally did delivery for the cannabis dispensary

I worked as a lifeguard for 3 years at the ymca… I enjoyed the job a lot, even though I constantly had to deal with the heat and the humidity.

The sun was never my neighbor and I was sunburned frequently. I spent a fortune on sunscreen… When I finally turned 21, I applied for a job at a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and delivery service. I wanted to work inside of the store, because I did not possess a car that was viable for driving around all day and all night. I was hired a couple of months after I applied for the job at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and delivery service. I worked inside of the building simply fulfilling orders. I enjoyed the job a lot. I got to think about the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. I could find the concentrates, marijuana flowers, and edibles faster than anyone else in the rear of the building. One day there was a shortage of marijuana delivery drivers and the boss asked me if I could help out. I mentioned to the boss that I would help out this 1 time. I secured $100 that night instead of saying I made the mistake of telling my boss that I did not mind making deliveries because the tips were so fantastic. The next day I was on the schedule to supply marijuana orders. I still have the original car and I’m not easily sure that it’s going to last much longer if I have to supply instead of operating inside of the dispensary.


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