A new marijuana dispensary opened up recently

A new marijuana dispensary opened up in our town recently and it’s not very far from our house.

My wife was not all that pleased about it, but I have to say that I’m kind of excited, personally.

I have always been interested in different types of recreational marijuana and now that it is legal here, I am fully planning to take advantage of the proximity of the dispensary to our house. Honestly, that might be the reason why my wife isn’t all that excited about it. I had been out of town for a while for work and so I didn’t even know that they were finishing up work on the marijuana dispensary. When I came home and it was opened up for business I was shocked and happy about it! The whole idea of having it opened up already was a really nice surprise. A lot of people around here are really excited about the fact that the marijuana dispensary has opened up. I guess they are planning to have a really big grand opening celebration soon and I will probably go to it. I am really glad that we now have a modern marijuana dispensary so close by. We have a lot of income in this town from the tourists, but I bet that our economy will start to boom even more now that we have this marijuana dispensary here. I think that it is going to be great for the people here in our town. I can’t wait to go there myself to see everything that they have available.

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