Can I make muffins with medical marijuana?

I asked the budtender at my local medical marijuana dispensary why they didn’t sell brownies, then he told me they couldn’t sell anything that could be described as recreational marijuana, and i asked if it would be illegal if I made brownies out of my medical marijuana.

She smiled and told me he didn’t say this, although he gave me the website where I could get recipes for unusual foods and infuse them with marijuana.

I couldn’t believe how various things I could make out of medical marijuana, then the first thing I made was brownies. I loved brownies, and if I could make them with medical marijuana, I would have the a single thing I need and the a single thing I loved the most, infused, then for the next more than one weeks, I made various baked goodies, and I even made an excellent spaghetti and meatballs with medical marijuana in the sauce and the meatballs. I couldn’t taste the marijuana and almost fainted when my mother came in and stole a meatball. I was waiting for his to start to act odd, and I called Mom and asked him to come over and drive his home, however Mom asked what happened, and I told him about the medical marijuana in the meatballs and how he had eaten a single, and he started laugh, despite the fact that I saw nothing to laugh about in the situation. I was sure mom was going to go ballistic when he found out he had eaten meatballs infused with medical marijuana. Mom laughed and shook his head. He said I would be just as shocked if I knew how much marijuana they had both used while in college.

Medical Marijuana