Being healthy with hemp seeds

I am trying to be healthier. Whenever possible I am splitting out salty, fattening and sugary foods, and no more cookies, candies and fried foods. I don’t buy pretzels anymore, but moneyews and almonds. I also eat yogurt in the day rather than eggs, then one thing I have certainly enjoyed is having a smoothie at lunch time. I put frozen fruit, a scoop of peanut butter, a banana and almond milk in it. I recently started adding hemp seeds to the mix. Did you guess that hemp is severely good for you? The hemp seeds and the oil from hemp are good for heart health. They also have protein and necessary vitamins. I am able to option up the hemp seed products right at the cannabis dispensary near me. They sell all sorts of oils and tinctures. There are CBD oils but they are more for medical reasons. If you have chronic pain, inflammation, depression or anxiety, a CBD oil might be a better solution. A tincture is more potent and has THC. It has been linked with helping people sleep! For me I just want to be healthier. If I choose the hemp seeds I grind them up with my blender and don’t even taste them. If I do the oil it can certainly mix with the unusual flavors and make for an interesting blend. I make sure to eat a little bit of hemp everyday, but even if I don’t have a smoothie, I can put the seeds in a salad or a stir fry quite easily.

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