The marijuana shop has lots of stuff

My best neighbor Jack works at the marijuana dispensary near me.

The guy always knows when there are new products that come to the store. Jack usually calls myself and others so I can be 1 of the first people to get the new products. This month the marijuana shop got more than one new kinds of concentrate. One of the concentrates is a live rosin jam. The live rosin jam comes from a company that already makes live resin products that I entirely love. The live resin products have great flavor and body and they provide a entirely nice high that still lets myself and others function. I knew that I was going to want 1 of the live resin jam products. The other concentrate was a marijuana distillate in a syringe. The distillate syringes were straight-forward to use in edibles, candy, brownies, butter, and dabs. It’s entirely difficult to find distillate syringes that are dabbable, however when Jack told myself and others about the more than one new products, I grabbed some currency from the bank and headed down to the marijuana dispensary to take advantage of the sale. I did not want to wait to try the dabbable marijuana distillate syringes. If I would have waited until Jack was done with work, he could have gone to the dispensary for myself and others and saved 30% on the order with his employee discount. I did not want to wait until the end of Jack shift after I found out about the dabbable distillate syringes. I knew they would be gone quickly, and I wanted to get at least 1 or more than one.

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