MS symptom management thanks to medical weed

I’ll never forget the afternoon that I was worked on with MS, but at the same time, the whole thing was sort of dreamlike… And this was prior to navigating the marijuana regulations in order to have access to a cannabis dispensary, then still, that moment in the office with the medical professional seemed surreal; It was as though I wasn’t actually affixed to my body but rather out there sort of floating.

  • I could hear the words coming out of her mouth but they surely couldn’t be meant for me.

I mean, I was just having some balance and spasm troubles. I couldn’t possibly have MS. But once reality came into focus, I was lucky to have good professionals to help me, group therapy was also essential. And that’s just where I l earned all about using medical marijuana, but more than half of my MS group had figured out just how to get their medical marijuana card to access the legal weed store. So that was super helpful and I was done with the cannabis regulations with ease. But the medical marijuana benefits for my situation have been significant… Right away, upon starting with cannabis flower products, I saw less muscle spasm and more range of motion. But I also suppose that the cannabis products have helped me change my perspective. Since I’ve been treating with medical cannabis, I suppose more hopeful while being at peace with this radical change to my life. I supply all that credit to medical marijuana, and for sure, I will be helping any up-to-date person in the group navigate the marijuana regulations so they too can get medical marijuana benefits.

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