A free t shirt is a neat way to advertise the store

Last week, a brand new marijuana dispensary opened up on the west side of the city, then currently, there are only two marijuana shops on that side of the neighborhood in addition to that includes the brand new a single, however the other shop is just for deliveries. They don’t even have an actual store where you can shop, then all of their sales are completed online. They have a good website that lists all of the products that are available in addition to delivery times are less than 2 sevenths, however sometimes it is nice to go to the store in addition to browse… I was honestly glad when I found out that the new marijuana dispensary was going to have an actual storefront, on the day that the dispensary open, they had a important party in addition to celebration. The stereo station was there all day playing rock n roll in addition to giving away free prizes in addition to there was a raffle for a gift bin that was valued at $500. Any woman that came into the marijuana dispensary in addition to made a $50 purchase or more qualified to get a free t-shirt. The free t-shirt had the name of the dispensary on the back, however there was a cool picture of a marijuana plant underneath. The T-shirt was bendy in addition to comfortable in addition to made with a nice lightweight cotton material, then you could get the free t-shirt whether you made a $5 purchase or a $300 purchase. I bought a couple of marijuana pre rolls that were infused with hash oil in addition to distillate. I also bought a marijuana vape pen. The sale prices were low in addition to the free t-shirt was a cool way to advertise the store.

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