My hubby’s Aunt Jill makes his own edibles

My hubby’s aunt Judy has constantly been a real character.

Ever since I met his 20 years ago, he has constantly been a free spirit.

She is just one of those people who dresses in crazy long robes plus skirts plus sandals even in the middle of Winter when it is snowing outside. Aunt Judy really likes to grow all kinds of things. She has a great large garden outside plus there are plants plus flowers growing all over his house. Also it constantly looks adore a rainforest inside of his home plus so I adore going over there. Aunt Judy even grows recreational marijuana sometimes. When I found this out, I wasn’t really the least bit surprised. Aunt Judy told myself and others that he was thinking about starting up his own marijuana company right there from his house. And Judy said that his new company idea was to start making his own marijuana edibles from his own really own garden sourced ingredients. She said that he would be able to make delicious marijuana edibles right there in his own living room. In the state where every one of us live, marijuana edibles are not really all that highly regulated by the state plus so he just can’t wait to get started. She says that he is going to make his own space cake, pot brownies, plus boy scout cookies. I bet everything that he makes is going to be delicious! If I had to take a bet on it, I would bet that Aunt Judy makes his company really successful. Probably, all of his edibles are going to taste great plus people everywhere are going to want to purchase them.

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