Can I keep it up?

A human being was not supposed to sit in a cubicle all day, every day, humans are meant to be outside, in the sun, being active, and an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, whereas being sedentary so much of the time is a ticket to the grave.

Having to sit at our desk in the office, typing on the computer plus organizing spreadsheets is the only way I have to spend money the bills, however I know that it is slowly killing me, but physically this task has downsidely impacted our health, but mentally it has been far worse.

Holistic health involves bringing your mind, your body, plus your spirit into a state of perfect alignment, plus recreational weed is a key component, without recreational weed I undoubtedly would have gone silly a long time ago, then i remember a time, before I started smoking recreational weed before work, when I would sit at our desk plus envision burning the whole locale down. I can’t say if it was a daydream or the onset of a psychotic break, however I can say that recreational pot has settled me down plus changed our attitude, however more than anything I want to find a better task, but in the meantime I will keep a baggie of recreational weed in our car. I smoke out before work, on our lunch break, plus on the way apartment in the evening. My dream is to get a task as a budtender in a recreational cannabis store, however not only would I be doing what I love, however I would get a fat employee discount on all our recreational weed products.


recreational weed