I hired Dale to watch over my cannabis dispensary at night

This area is made up mostly of ancient farms, and little outcroppings of homes and businesses, but these aren’t proper towns, it’s more love a handful of people living near a gas station or a convenience store. The nearest Walmart is forty miles away, if that tells you anything. There are numerous small dealers out here, but 1 area that lags are public services love cops, ambulances, and garbage trucks, if you need a police officer, usually you need to wait thirty minutes to an minute before anyone shows up, then since I own a small medical cannabis dispensary, I have to provide my own private security because the cops can’t possibly help me until it’s too late… What certainly got me serious about security was a story I learn online about a crew of thieves that targeted medical cannabis shops, and due to federal laws, cannabis dispensaries are not allowed to take credit cards, which means they often have a lot of money on hand. Since I only get to the bank once every 2 weeks, there are times when my cannabis dispensary has over $50,000 in the safe! That is a whole lot of money, and being this remote makes my cannabis dispensary a prime target for robbery. This is why I hired Dale as my “Head of Security” for the cannabis dispensary. Dale has a giant shotgun, and every night he parks his truck in front of my medical cannabis shop and listens to country songs! Anyone who wants to chop into my medical cannabis shop has to get through Dale, and his double barrel shotgun!

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