I started giving my dogs pet CBD products after they reached old age

The ages of our family pets growing up were all over the place.

  • We had an elderly dog and cat, as well as a kitten and a puppy.

I remember the sharp contrast in behavior among them all, and that’s how I learned about silent pain. It’s when another living being is experiencing discomforting pain but doesn’t verbalize their suffering. Our elderly pets were dealing with all sorts of joint and muscle pains in their old age. We had a german shepard named Magnum that my mom had owned for 14 years by the time he finally stepped in front of traffic while I was just 5 years of age myself. He had excruciating hip pain which is common to that breed, and sadly he couldn’t take the suffering any longer. My mother loved Magnum like her first child as he was already an adult dog by the time my sister was born before me. He left this world on his own terms so my mom didn’t have to live through the torturing experience of doing it herself. But it’s an important part about life on this planet, as I went through this exact sequence of events when I was 22 and we lost both of my childhood dogs just six months apart from one another. We got them a few years after the death of Magnum. I wish I had pet CBD products back when Magnum and the dachshunds were still alive. I know that all of them would have experienced some degree of relief from the CBD oil in those pet CBD edibles. My current dogs always sleep longer and seem more playful when they’ve been consuming CBD regularly for days at a time. The products are safe and derived entirely from hemp with only trace amounts of THC inside.

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