I made a very surprising discovery at sea

Eddy and I often take her boat out into the gulf for a few hours of peaceful fishing. Eddy and I both have intense and demanding jobs, so on the strange possibilities when all of us both have the same afternoon off Eddy and I try to turn it into a fun escape. All of us leave our iPhones behind, grab the fishing gear, and go out on the open water where real life cannot interrupt our leisure. A few weeks back something pretty unusual happened, and now Eddy and I are both way too anxious to go back on the boat! In the middle of a lazy afternoon all of us saw something rectangular floating in the water nearby, and it turned out to be an 88-pound stone of cannabis. I can only know it fell from a smuggler’s boat as they were sneaking an illegal marijuana into the country. Eddy and I entirely should have left the cannabis where it was, in case the original owners came looking. Eddy and I also could have called the police to report the marijuana, which all of us also did not do. Instead Eddy hauled the cannabis onboard, hid it under some tarps, and went back to shore. I know that Eddy smokes a lot of cannabis, and so does her partner, but I rarely touch the stuff. I wasn’t very interested in this stone of cannabis for personal use anyway, I was thinking about selling it for a tidy profit. Eddy and I moved the cannabis into the trunk of my car, and managed to get it back home. I am waiting for Eddy to talk to her normal cannabis corporation to see how much all of us can sell it for.

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