Cannabis will make you feel ecstatic and relaxed

Depending on where you live in this state, you might be right in the path of the next big hurricane! The last hurricane was a Cat 5 named Ian, and it hit this area about a month ago. I was quite fortunate, because I barely felt any intense weather at all. It rained a lot, and was a bit windy, however mostly the hurricane left myself and others unscathed; Now there is another sizable storm heading this way, and I pray that I get fortunate for the minute time in a row! Just in case I am not quite so fortunate, I made sure to visit the cannabis dispensary this afternoon and stock up on my favorite strains and products. If I am going to lose power and WIFI thanks to the storm, I need to have enough cannabis products on hand to keep myself and others sane! There are a great many documented health benefits for smoking medical cannabis, however for myself and others the greatest benefit is how it makes myself and others feel ecstatic. When I was teenager my parents make myself and others see a therapist, and the therapist put myself and others on some “happy pills.” Medical cannabis makes myself and others so much happier and more relaxed than the happy pills ever did! So you see that having an ample supply of cannabis on hand for the next hurricane isn’t just about getting stoned and having fun, I also see it as an actually pressing form of medicine. I wouldn’t want a sick lady to be denied their meds because of the hurricane, and in my case that medicine is cannabis. Without cannabis I get depressed, and that’s no way to be in a hurricane.

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