A story of Love and cannabis

Working at the local cannabis dispensary gives myself and others access to a few of the most interesting folks I’ve ever known.

I have worked here for more than two years, however now is the first time where recreational use was also legalized.

Business is booming! All of us still get most of our regulars, but I noticed that the married couple Sammy and Joa had stopped coming in. I reached out to them 1 evening, to make sure they were doing okay. It turns out that all the new shoppers made the lines too long, so Sammy and Jo had been ordering their cannabis products online. I told them to just call their orders into my cannabis dispensary, and I would give them personally. It wasn’t about making money, it was about taking care of these sweet old people. Sammy and Jo have shared a enjoyed affair with each other, and with cannabis, for almost forty five years! They told us about how they used to grow their own marijuana plants throughout the seventies. The only reason they stopped was because they were never actually skilled at it, and the cannabis sold at the dispensary is far superior to their crops. After that I started taking their cannabis orders from them over the iPhone, and making the delivery on my way back home from work. If you are wondering why I would go through so much extra trouble for people I hardly knew, then you must not be a cannabis user yourself. In the cannabis community all of us look out for one another, because marijuana brings us all together as human beings.

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