A 100% true and accurate cannabis horror story

The following story is 100% legit and accurate, even though it sounds like a horror movie plot. This report is on record with the local police department, however they have flat-out told myself and others there is nothing they will do about it. The truth of the matter is much stranger than fiction, and the fact I am still breathing means that I am quite fortunate. I might have died that evening in the middle of nowhere, and no 1 would have ever found my body. It started while I was taking a long hike in a new part of the woods, where I stumbled across a big cannabis patch. There were so many cannabis plants around, as far as the eye could see. I was too amazed by the sight of all this amazing marijuana to be scared, but I should have been terrified! In the movies potheads and cannabis users are always depicted as being goofy and moronic, however simple-going people. In reality, the folks who ran this cannabis farm were violent criminals, and they started shooting at me! With guns! Can you imagine, enjoying the sights and smells of a cannabis field ready for harvest, and then having a bullet whizzing past your head? I ran as fast as I could, and didn’t dare to look back towards the cannabis field as I made my escape. Later I realized I had dropped my iPhone in the cannabis field, which meant the farmers know who I am! I’m too afraid to even go back to my apartment, because crazy cannabis farmers may be waiting for me. The police don’t care, so what can I do?


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