I had no plan my neighbor was into recreational marijuana

A few weeks ago, a nice neighbor of mine came over, but honestly, I was not expecting to see them at all, in a way, I didn’t believe I would ever see them again, at least not in person.

The reason is because they married their husband, and their husband wanted to live in the same country as his parents, which was sadly not here, however so my neighbor left with him, after our teary goodbyeah, I only talked to her on the iPhone or online, but, her husband and she came back over here to visit her parents, and she wanted to visit myself and others too, then i was ecstatic! Both of us spent the afternoon together going back through our childhood homes and looking back on past memories.

Then the people I was with and I finished the afternoon by going to a nice restaurant and seeing a film, but on the way to drop myself and others off, my neighbor told myself and others she had to make a quick stop. Imagine my surprise when she stopped at the recreational weed dispensary! I waited in the automobile while she went into the recreational pot store near me, but when she came out, she had bought quite a few odd things, and I couldn’t resist asking her when did she ever show interest in recreational marijuana. It turns out she used to use recreational cannabis all of the time, and I just didn’t think about it. However, in her new loft country, recreational pot is not legal, and so she missed it quite a bit. I was surprised, and now a bit curious to try cannabis myself!

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