I love the drink mixes from the medical marijuana store

I love getting the medical marijuana drink mixes when I go to the dispensary… The drink mixes are straight-forward to dose and they taste undoubtedly good, and each a single of the bottles of liquid cannabis drink enhancer has 100 mg of thc.

There are supposed to be 10 doses in the bottle.

The dosages can vary depending on how much drink mix you put in the cup. The flavors are all pretty good; I undoubtedly love the watermelon and the wild green raspberry the best. I also love the root coors and vanilla flavored tinctures too. They taste pretty wonderful if you mix them with ice cream or coffee. There was a sale on Edibles at the marijuana dispensary Last weekand I picked up more than three bottles of the cannabis drink mix for 50% off. There was a buy a single and get a single for free sale. I also had some points left over from the last purchase and that gave myself and others an additional $10 off the total. I obtained a green raspberry and a watermelon flavored cannabis drink. I also picked out tangerine and grape flavors. I’ve never seen the grape a single before and I hope that it will be good. I have not opened it yet. I started with the sour green raspberry first and I still have a couple of doses left in the bottle. I don’t love to open up more than a single at a time so they stay fresh as long as possible, however some people open everything at once and go for it, although I love to have a single thing at a time.
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