The sale on concentrates only included a few items

The local marijuana dispensary sent out an email to all of the customers letting everyone know that they were going to have a huge sale on marijuana concentrates.

  • I got the email and I saw an asterisk next to the sale promotion.

I told my friends that it was probably going to be only a few items. On the day of the sale on marijuana concentrates, my friends and I went to the dispensary to check things out. They had several buy one and get one for free items, but the items on sale were all really expensive concentrates. Most of the live resin and resin products were too expensive for me to purchase. Even with buy one and get one for free, I was still going to be priced out of the deal. I asked the budtender if they had anything in the sale that was cheaper and she told me that only certain products qualified for the sale price. I looked at my friends and I smiled. I didn’t say that I was right, but they knew that is exactly what I was thinking. We drove all the way down to the marijuana dispensary to take advantage of the sales and they didn’t have anything at all that was interesting or inexpensive. I bought a couple of marijuana pre rolls that were priced well, but I didn’t buy any concentrates at all. I can for sure get cheaper prices at a marijuana dispensary near me. I can get live resin concentrates for $20 each and that’s a deal I like.


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