The low dose edible made me feel more relaxed and calm

Every time I have to fly, I have a panic attack.

Sometimes the panic attacks are triggered without any warning.

Sometimes I feel absolutely fine right up until the minute that I can’t taste anything and I start sweating and shaking. When my wife and I had to fly out of the country for a wedding, I didn’t know how I was going to get through the 8-hour flight. I was very worried about my mental and physical health. One thing that helped a lot was a low dose medical marijuana edible. I got a prescription from the doctor for a low dose medical marijuana edible, so I could go to a dispensary and get the products that I need. I picked out several different gummy and hard candies that had five and 10 mg of thc. The low dose of edibles made me feel much more relaxed and calm. I took 10 mg of the low dose edible when we got to the airport and I took another 10 mg of the low dose marijuana edible when we got to the plane. I was practically ready to pass out before we even got on the runway. The edibles knocked me out and I slept almost the whole flight. I didn’t have to use the bathroom and I didn’t have to worry about looking out the flight window at the ground below. I wasn’t planning to sleep all 8 hours, but the time certainly passed by quickly and I didn’t complain about a flight that ended with me feeling happy when it was over.

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