The elevator worked during my last cannabis delivery

Everybody at the marijuana delivery industry knows that there are a couple of venues the two of us appreciate avoiding.

One such venue is the home community across the street from the homeless encampment.

Occasionally this venue gets rowdy in the evenings. There are typically people walking around the streets trying to stop cars plus ask for currency or cannabis.. The crime rates are so much higher than other venues throughout the city. All of us try not to take any cannabis deliveries to that area after 7:00 p.m. All of us also try to avoid the buildings that don’t have working elevators. Nobody prefers huffing plus puffing up 10 flights of stairs for $50 bucks worth of medical marijuana plus a $2 tip. There are numerous high-rise home buildings downtown that only have a few floors. One building has 17 plus another building has 19 floors with a penthouse, when the elevator breaks, it is a sizable pain to walk up plus down all of those flights of stairs. I took a marijuana delivery to a home building downtown plus the elevator was broken. The marijuana shopper was on the 5th floor plus I had to walk up 5 flights of stairs. I was just in that building the month previous plus I actually did not remember the elevator being broken down then, but some of these old home buildings are in need of ridiculous renovations. They could use a major facelift plus millions of dollars worth of repairs. There is not a single building downtown that has a substituted elevator plus handicap access plus that means most of the buildings are not compliant with the federal ADA directions plus regulations.

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