The blue dream marijuana joint was sweet and fragrant

It’s much easier to find blue dream in flower or marijuana concentrate

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant marijuana strain made with the strains blueberry and haze. Blue dream has a very sweet and fruity fragrance. It has small, dense buds that are filled with colorful trichomes. The strain has won a number of awards since the early days when it was created. The strain is relatively easy to grow in any conditions and it has a fast flowering to harvest ratio. You can get several crops harvested in one season. Blue Dream is easily one of my favorite marijuana strains. I would rather have blue dream instead of jack herer, durban poison, or even maui wowie. I think it is great for the morning hours when I want to feel pain relief without getting tired. Blue dream has great medicinal properties. When I smoke blue dream flower, I feel great pain relief that does not make me feel tired. Most of the Indica strains make me feel tired while they provide pain relief. Blue Dream is a rare strain that provides pain relief while still producing an uplifting and energizing feeling. There aren’t a lot of strain specific blue dream edibles. If I find any in the store, I usually snatch them up very quickly. It’s much easier to find blue dream in flower or marijuana concentrate. I have both in my home and I frequently switch between vaping blue dream concentrate and smoking blue dream marijuana flower. Because vaping and smoking the marijuana plant produce different effects, it really just depends on what I want to do with the rest of my day.

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