My best friend came to get stoned with me

My best friend Bob plus I have known each other since the two of us were in elementary university.

Bob and I played for the same Little League team plus the two of us lived only 3 blocks away from each other.

If mom did not suppose where I was, she usually called Bob’s parents to find me. Bob plus I also played Sports together in high university such as football plus basketball. Bob and I both got a scholarship to attend the local university for our football hobby. After I put 2 years in at the community university, I transferred to a 4-year university. Bob plus I did not get to see each other easily much, because he transferred to a different School too. Bob and I talked on the iphone plus the two of us text plus chatted as frequently as possible, but it was worrying when I had to say goodbye to our best friend. All of us stayed in touch plus now the two of us still visit each other even as adults. A few weeks ago Bob came all the way to the west coast to visit our partner plus I. All of us put Bob up in the guest house at our home. Bob plus I talked a lot about the old times plus lots of memories the two of us had from university. Bob and I both smoked a lot of recreational marijuana plus the two of us got actually high plus super buzzed. All of us smoked a sizable blunt filled with Northern Lights as soon as Jack got here. I appreciated smoking recreational marijuana with our old friend. It was just as if the two of us were at university again. When Bob had to leave to go back home, I was worried to see him get on the plane.


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