The transport out west was a good option

A few weeks ago, I moved out west to live with our mom. I needed a fresh start after breaking up with our wifey. The relationship took everything out of me, including all of our cash, furniture, and credit, then my mom gave me a place to stay. I got a task as soon as I arrived. I found work at a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. The recreational and medical marijuana dispensary needed a delivery driver. My mom let me use her old car to deliver all of the items and I started to save up for our own car. I have about $600 in the savings right now. It’s actually slow at the marijuana delivery service and the tips are not absolutely good. It’s the closest place to our home, so at least I do not have to drive an minute to work, then when I lived with our wifey, we were way outside of the village and I had to drive into neighborhood every single day for work. I hated being in the car for those extra various minutes. I wanted to switch tasks, however the cash was in the village and they are actually were not any places for me to work in the country. The task at the marijuana delivery service is perfect. I earn good tips and I never have to work too hard unless I have a delivery on the 5th floor of an new home and the elevator is broken. I still get lost around the village occasionally, despite the fact that I have good cell iphone service and maps never let me down.

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