The indica and sativa strains can really hit much differently

There is a really big difference between indica and sativa strains.

Sativa strains are made for the morning hours, when you want to be awake and ready to go.

Indica strains make you tired, so they aren’t great for the morning hours. One of my favorite sativa strains is blue dream. Blue dream is a sativa strain of cannabis that is a cross between Purple Haze and blueberry kush. Blue dream has a very pleasant smell and sweet taste. Blue dream has a lot of medicinal benefits that make it a favorite of medical marijuana users. I bought a blue dream cannabis strain from the dispensary a few weeks ago. I opened the package one morning before work. I put a big bud of Blue Dream in my bowl and I smoked the whole thing. I felt very tired all of a sudden. The blue dream strain did not have the same effect that most Blue Dream strains have. I honestly thought that the product might have been improperly labeled at the packaging plant. Even though it smelled and tasted like blue dream, the sativa strain made me feel tired and lethargic like an indica. The next time I went back to the marijuana shop, I told the bartender that I was dissatisfied with the blue dream strain. She told me that a couple of other customers had complained about the string too. She honestly didn’t think it was mislabeled at the packaging facility. She believed that the marijuana strain was simply closer to a hybrid than a straight-up sativa.


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