My stomach issues are better with marijuana

I have had problems with my stomach since I was a teenager. Anytime I ate milk or dairy, my stomach felt upset. I couldn’t eat anything spicy either. When my mom made spaghetti, I had to eat a bottle of Rolaids all night long. It was extremely difficult to function when everything that I ate made my stomach feel upset. I dealt with the stomach issues for years and years. One day A friend of mine suggested using marijuana to help with my stomach issues. I honestly thought it was a silly idea, because marijuana doesn’t do anything to soothe or coat the stomach. My friend worked at a dispensary though, and she promised that she could get me something that would absolutely help with my symptoms. The next day, she brought me a marijuana tincture and told me to take 25 mg of the tincture 30 minutes before I was going to eat a large meal. I started using the tincture almost immediately. The results were hard to deny. Anytime I use the marijuana elixir before eating, I don’t have to worry about having heartburn or acid reflux. The marijuana elixir works better than anything else that I have ever tried. A couple of weeks after I started using the cannabis elixir, I decided to have pizza and hot wings with my friends. I drank the marijuana elixir before we went to the restaurant. Towards the end of the night, I started to feel some pains in my stomach, but that was several hours after I ate the hot wings. I would say that the elixir works miracles.
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