Advantages of pre-rolls

They are always rolled perfectly

My local cannabis dispensary offers a huge selection. The menu of edibles is absolutely incredible. I can choose from white, milk and dark chocolate, all kinds of baked goods, hard candies and at least twenty different flavors of gummies. Their collection of beverages includes mocktails, cannabeer, colas, lemonade, tonics, root beer and more. I’ve tried the various flavors of vapes and experimented with topicals. I always come back to smokable flower. There’s something special about dried bud and old-school smoking. I enjoy lighting up, inhaling and feeling the quick onset of effects. I don’t mind the smell or smoke. I typically consume cannabis at home, on the weekend, while relaxing on my back deck. The odors and ash aren’t a problem. The only drawback of smoking a joint is fashioning it. I’ve practiced and still can’t manage to roll a decent joint. Mine either come out too fat or too skinny. I don’t get a consistent burn. Most of the time, I need to light the joint repeatedly and end up with a super long ash. Plus, I waste a ton of flower spilling it all over the place. My lack of skills can ruin the enjoyment. I am fortunate that the dispensary sells an array of pre-rolls. They sell them in singles and packs and in infused and non-infused varieties. The pre-rolls infused with kief are way more potent. Pre-rolls are especially affordable. I can’ buy a single pre-roll of a strain I’ve never tried before without a big investment. I can buy packs of my favorites and save a little money. They are available in indica, hybrid and sativa strains from high to low THC potency. They are always rolled perfectly. Plus, the dispensary carries everything from pre-rolls packed with shake to those created from top-shelf flower.

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