Medical weed just when there is fireworks

I don’t consider myself having PTSD.

I just get sort of edgy with loud booms and pops, however most of the time I am totally fine; The worst days of the year are Fourth of July and New Years Day! Everyone blasts off fireworks and scares the pants off of me.

My pet and I both go into a panic when it starts happening. I start dripping with sweat, breathing hard and getting nervous. I have tried a lot of things that have helped, however not fixed my complications. I used to wear noise canceling headphones and just lock myself in a single room that I sound proofed. It was horrible for those two days, then now I rely on medical cannabis for it. I am a lot better when I am a bit high and mellowed out. It is a combination of THC and CBD. The combo works good for keeping me less anxious and nervous; What is good is that my state offers both medical and recreational cannabis. I have a medical weed card that I use for my cannabis. I option my prescription up and after that I take some pet CBD treats for my pup. That way the two of us can be mellowed out. I would believe poor if I was high as a kite and totally relaxed however my pet was freaking out. Now the two of us celebrate those days with a long run, a good dinner and then I get high on our CBD products. I wish people would be more aware of veterans and pets while in those holidays and not burst fireworks, then but nobody seems to care.

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